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Our Mission

Help individuals and corporations grow their business through innovation, inspiration, collaboration and technology.

Our Story

Infinity Payment Solutions was founded by Josh Green, Jesse Dickamore and Jason Bradford in Ogden, Utah in 2014. After years in the debt collection industry, these individuals recognized a need for an accounts receivables management software that provided unique tools required for success in the changing debt collection landscape. The Infinity Payment Solutions team reached out to other industry professionals requesting information on the issues that most effected their agencies. Challenges such as regulatory compliance, increased consumer litigation, electronic methods of communication and remote software access were all identified as challenges that must be addressed when creating an effective Accounts Receivables Management Software System. These are just some of the items considered when developing the software system.

The development and design of the accounts receivables management software is based on these individuals nearly 60 years combined experience in the debt collection industry as well as our customers valuable collaboration. We pride ourselves in understanding our customer's challenges, and working together with our customers to ensure our software provides the tools needed to manage their business efficiently.

Josh Green - President

Josh Green is a veteran of the accounts receivables software industry. A gifted software engineer, Josh has over 20 years experience creating debt collection and payment processing software

Jesse Dickamore - Vice President

Jesse Dickamore has spent the majority of his career in the debt collection industry. This experience, coupled with his technical knowledge, provides a unique resource to our software clients.

Jason Bradford - Secretary

Jason Bradford has over 30 years in the debt collection and collection software industry. As a collection agency owner, Jason understands the current  challenges facing the debt collection industry. He has valuable experience serving in both local and national leadership positions within the accounts receivables industry.

Experienced Leadership

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