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Dive Into the New Age of Accounts Receivables Management Software

Our Services

Account Receivables Management Software

The Infinity Payment Solutions ARM software is a complete collection software package created for the debt collection industry. This software provides everything you need to manage your account portfolio including: account management, messaging, automated dialing, letters, trust features and skip tracing. Sign up for a demonstration of this software here.

Electronic Payment Processing Software

Our payment processing software provides an easy to use, economical portal for the processing of electronic payments. This portal was designed to integrate the processing, posting and scheduling of electronic payments into your current operating procedures. The software was designed to reduce the liability associated with the processing of electronic payments.

Electronic Messaging

The Infinity Payment Solutions Contact Center allows you to send custom secure text, email or voice call messages to your customers, patients or contacts. Customers may respond to your messages to reschedule appointments, discuss debts, request information, etc. All communication is stored securely for compliance and future reference.

Full Customer  Service and Support

Customer Service is more that ensuring your software is working properly. While that is important, we believe that effective software provides business the opportunity to increase revenue, decrease expense and allow you to protect your business by ensuring you remain complaint to all regulations governing the industry. We believe in listening to our clients to determine what is needed to build your business. We can provide custom features to help you run your business, your way.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Infinity Payment Solutions software was developed to integrate the latest technology into a suite of software and vendors that would allow our clients to achieve the greatest success. Our software provides a developers API that allows important vendors to integrate into our software platform. This allows our customers to utilize and integrate with additional technologies to  effectively manage their portfolios.

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