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Credit Card

At Infinity Payment Solutions our entire mission has always been to create an economical, easy to use, payment processing "switch" for the processing of electronic payments. The IPS software was designed to integrate the processing, posting, crediting and tracking of electronic payments into your current operting procedure. The software was developed with features designed to reduce the liability associated with the processing of electronic payments. This features include:

  • No stored credit card or demographic information  
  • PCI Compliant
  • Fully Integrated with most Merchant Services Providers


The Infinity Payment Solutions Contact Center allows you to send custom secure messages to your customers, patients, or contacts. The messages may be sent using text, email or voice call communication. The Contact Center allows your customers to respond to your messages to reschedule appointments, provide information, order product, etc. All messages, whether outbound or inbound are archived to be used for future referrence.


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The Infinity Payment Solutions Electronic Signature service allows you to send a document, contract, payment agreement, patient information sheet, etc. to a customer or patient for review and electronic signature. These documents are then stored in a secure web portal, and emailed to your office for you to access when needed. This tool eliminates the need to mail contracts, allows electronic check in for medical patients and minimizes the need for unsecure paper storage. Consumers may receive, complete and sign documents using a computer or mobile device. This tool may also be used to help you comply with the Regulation E requirements for electronic funds transfers.